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Who 'New' Technology Could Be So Innovative?

Ageatia utilizes technologies that are as innovative as electricity!

CHICAGO, Sept. 9 /PRNewswire/ -- Ageatia Technology Consultancy Services, Inc. -- Imagine the world as we know it without the invention of electricity. Scary huh? Now think about all the technology marvels and gadgets that have come out since its existence. Our world has changed immensely since good ole Ben Franklin went flying his kite with a key attached in a storm. Here at Ageatia, we seamlessly combine robust and obscure technologies to provide practical IT based solutions that ensure customer satisfaction and cost effectiveness. Like Ben, we realize it takes vision and passion to make change possible for future generations.



Ageatia Technology Consultancy, Inc. specializes in Application Development by incorporating Cloud Computing, Green Technology, Nano Technology, High Performance Computing, and Next Generation Product Development. Our mission is to create user friendly applications that simplify life, conserve natural resources, and enhance quality of work.

Ageatia is listed as one of the fastest growing companies in America by INC. 500. We currently provide services for several major Fortune 500 companies and we are continuing on the path of employee growth by exponential numbers. We are establishing a global presence by further development of our location in Chennai, India with immediate plans in the future to build/open multiple offices across the U.S.

About Ageatia Technology Consultancy Services, Inc.  Ageatia Technology Consultancy Inc. is a diverse owned technology boutique that provides IT Based Solutions, Staff Augmentation Services, and Next Generation Product Development/Software.

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